Some cool photos from a recent session down the woods, courtesy of Ian Roxburgh.

Trails session season

Had a few cool sessions recently. with a tiny bit more tweaking to do, main line is pretty much there.

Steven O’gorman pics.



So many good spots here. Only got to visit a few.



Trails session in Marabella.


Some members of the LITW crew and the Villa Road crew went on a trip to Malaga last week. Good crew, Good times.


Rubans park is sick!

So long winter.

Spring feels like its just around the corner. Still got a lot to do..

Branch problems..


We are back.


This is Darren Parker.

Darren Parker is getting married at the end of the month so we thought we’d drink, set fire to stuff and have an all-round good time.

We also went out on the river in boats.

This wasn’t the quickest way to get a BBQ going.

Holding hands helped.

This is a picture of Gommie in grey

Pipe pulled out all the stops

Bulking up…

Acting up

Sweet night, well done lads :)